Reena Keren

“With 32 years of recovery and using a unique combination of  techniques that she herself developed, Reena Keren has become an expert in treating others who suffer from eating disorders and addictions. Keren was a child with an eating disorder. In the early 1960’s, no one recognized that this was her cry for help. Only years later, Keren gradually understood that she had lost control of her food and of her life.”
"Tikkun", La Isha Magazine, March 2010

Specialist in Eating Disorders & Addictions

Reena Keren is a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and addictions. Reena's own personal search to discover a way out of  of her addiction changed and shaped the course of her life.  " Plagued by my inability to control my food, my eating, and my life,  I was on a personal mission, for as long as I can remember, to liberate myself from the enslavement that I experienced every waking moment of my life." This personal mission then transformed itself into a professional mission that fuels her energies to help others do the same.

Academic Training

In this effort to free herself , Reena turned to  formal studies. Her academic training includes a B.A. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. in Counseling from Villanova College.  At the internationally recognized Child Guidance Clinic in Philadelphia, Reena studied with Dr. Salvador Minuchin, the "father of family therapy" and a pioneer in the field of eating disorders. She went on to complete a Certificate in Family Therapy at Hahnemann Hospital.  Reena took courses in movement therapy at the Leslie College Branch of Seminar Hakibbutzim.  Feeding her life long hunger for spiritual inspiration, Reena took informal classes in Kaballah and in the spiritual philosophies of the Far East.  
However, all of this acquired knowlege did not offer Reena the liberation from her addiction for which she so yearned. Her formal studies, while satisfying her intellectually, left her still with a hungry soul. Even after combining the learning with various psychological  therapies, food continued to rule her life. Little did she understand that food was but a symptom of a lifetime of unhappiness.

"Looking back I realize that LIFE itself was to be, and still is, my biggest and most awe inspiring teacher."


It was only at the age of 34 - married a second time to the same man and with two adolescent children , Reena experienced a deep and life altering awakening.  In a broken marriage and bed-ridden from a virus that kept her in bed for three months, Reena came upon a sudden realization that transformed her life. "Food, my drug of choice, was not the enemy. I was.  And when I ‘fixed’ myself, the food would no longer be a problem."

 "I also understood that there is no forbidden food. What is FORBIDDEN is to USE food, or any drug, in order to deny my feelings."

This awakening not only blessed Reena with wisdom but also afforded her a direction that would continue to guide her in creating a life of inner peace and recovery. More than merely impacting on her own journey, her "life dance", it became the reservoir from which she continues to draw energy in her efforts to help others create their own healing and recovery. This dramatic moment still fuels her personal and professional mission to teach others that there is indeed a way out of personal suffering- that liberation from one’s inner "pharoh", one's inner task master, is within our reach.

Liberating Ourselves

Reena teaches that when we are living in synch with ourselves, when we learn to make wise, healthy choices about each aspect of our lives, we can free ourselves from our addictions. There is no need for our addictive behaviors. Addictions, in their broadest sense, are self defeating habits. We developed them in an effort to minimize and cope with the pain in our lives. While numbing our pain they also create emotional upheaval and prevent us from achieving the inner peace which we seek. They blind us from seeing what really needs to be changed in our lives.

It is possible, however, to use our addictive behavior as a message to us about what needs to be changed in our lives.

My Sacred Mission

Helping others to liberate themselves and create lives of inner harmony and peace is my ongoing, sacred mission. We begin by understanding the role that addictive behaviors played in our lives and we explore why we needed these behaviors. We examine the pain that was too much for us to bear. We come to forgive ourselves for developing coping mechanisms that in the end defeated us. We learn to practice compassion, 'hesed' towards ourselves. But compassionate understanding is not enough to create well being. We need to learn to distinguish what can be changed from what cannot. We need to develop new, healthier ways of managing our lives. We need to gather a variety of tools that we use on a daily basis, which help us face the disappointments and frustrations that come our way. They enable us to create the inner quiet for which we yearn.


Doing a ‘tikkun’ on one’s life- a continuing effort to improve the quality of one’s choices and improve our sense of well being- is for Reena a blessed and life long endeavor. "As I continue  my own 'tikkun', I hope to be present and guide others to do the same in their lives."

"This sacred mission is something from which I will never tire or retire."
Reena Keren
January, 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel