Individual Sessions

The first step in recovery from addiction is to break down the denial that so characterizes addictive behavior.
We must first say "hello" before we can say "good bye" to the habits that have taken over our lives. With compassionate understanding, we learn to view our dysfunctional behavior as a response to reality over which we had no control. The intimate setting of client with therapist is most effective for this special kind of self exploration.

The role that our addictive behavior has played in each of our lives is as different as we are.  Emerging as a response to a particular pain that each of us experienced our use of food, other substances or behaviors have had a very specific function in our lives. Our dysfunctional habits often saved us from a far greater pain and/ or emotional imbalance. On a basic level, they allowed us to survive.  
In order to let go of the behavior that is so wreaking havoc in our lives, we need first to appreciate this dual sidedness. Our inner work challenges us to learn gentleness and compassion for ourselves.  We need to treat both the process and ourselves with ‘chesed’, loving kindness. We must truly appreciate the difficulties that we have had to face in the course of our journey.