Integration of different modalities

Recovery requires an integrative approach which includes, but goes beyond, traditional psychotherapy. Cognitive understanding is not enough to liberate ourselves from our addictive behaviors and to create well being. A variety of modalities offer effective tools to address the challenges of daily living. Learning to use these tools on a daily basis is an integral if not most important part of the process of recovery.

The list of techniques below offers a comprehensive description of our therapeutic approach. It is one which reinforces the learning of new behaviors and rewards change. It offers the opportunity to renew a relationship with ourselves.  We learn that a life of recovery involves making countless big and small daily choices about how we want to live. Making choices that reflect who we are and what is right for each of us diminishes the need for additive habits. We learn to live in synch with ourselves. In this way, we mindfully create a life time of recovery.

Traditional Psychotherapy
Guided Imagery
Behavior Modification
Meditative Music  
Journal Writing
Teachings of Judaism and Eastern Philosophies
12 Step Program of Recovery