Life Dance Workshops

Life Dance workshops offer a rich variety of therapeutic modalities.

Music sets the background for Life Dance workshops. Various kinds of movement are used to help identify feelings and promote self expression. Guided imagery and drawing are integrated as well. Between the various activities, participants have quiet time in which to share their experiences with others and/ or chart them in their personal journals.  
A unique dimension of Life Dance workshops is that, although they take place in a group setting, each participant is actually working by him/herself in a private way. Opportunities to share with other participants are only invitations to do so. One can elect to stay quiet and alone, expressing him/herself in writing or drawing.

The Life Dance workshops which are focused on disordered eating include an experience with food. These sessions help redefine and recreate our relationship to food.  In a very quiet atmosphere, structured exercises allow participants to listen and distinguish between different hungers. Choices about food are then made accordingly. Eating in a safe and protected environment fosters greater confidence in being able to make good choices. In addition, eating in a group setting breaks the isolation that so characterizes disordered eating. Finally, these mindful encounters with food and with ourselves offer the opportunity to befriend our bodies, our natural appetites and our relationship to FOOD.